Branding & Storytelling

All great brands tell a story. Your story can weave itself the heart of a consumer who is already searching for the right guide to help them conquer the world. Your identity is embodied in your brand by fulfilling the desires of your audience. Branding is the essential first-step in a successful marketing plan. Our process helps identifies key benefits, pinpoints the right voice and personality, determines the proper positioning and differentiation and provides crucial guardrails to ensure success. Successful branding is powerful and gives you a major competitive edge in differentiating you and your products from the competition through credibility, loyalty, and emotional connections.

Brand Story + Manifesto

Did you know the ancient art of storytelling is fundamental in branding? Every brand has a story and archetype that allows you to differentiate you and your products from the competition. This is done by fulfilling the desires of your audience and creating an emotional connection that leads to immense loyalty and credibility. Think about it. Which brands do you interact with? How you share your brand story and how you connect to the stories of your audience is what separates the best from the rest.

Brand Image + Identity

The look, feel, and voice of your brand is the number one thing customers will see and interact with on a daily basis. Understanding how you want your customers to perceive you and how you are truly being perceived is often miles apart. We help you decipher and then master the art of branding by making sure your brand image connects with your identity and the way you want to be seen.


Brand Positioning

Positioning looks at your diverse audiences and boils down the differences to understand each unique market segment. When recognized, we take the vital aspects of your brand image and identity and incorporate your key brand strategy to reach each audience through the language they speak and the mediums they use. In essence, it allows you to amplify (and downplay) certain characteristics of your brand for each audience so that you stand out from your competitors. Brand positioning is competition oriented and hence dynamic over a period of time. This is the heart of effective messaging and the basis of the communication process.


Key Brand Strategy

The key brand strategy is the essential outcome of our entire branding and overall positioning process. After weeks of intensive work, our brand experts bring critical insight into distilling the core of what your company wants the world to understand about it into a single, powerful, and actionable idea.

Creative Platform Development

Building upon key brand architecture (logo, font, colors) and key brand strategy (brand story, mission/vision, and manifesto) Forner Agency infuses both artistic and intellectual ideas to create core messaging that has the maximum potential for connecting with your target market. These essential strategic brand tools provide a strong, consistent framework for your business to garner longer-lasting, more successful customer relationships.


Branded Content

Advertising usually presents brand or product details and benefits through a branded story. With branded content, the life and personal interests of the viewer takes the lead in an entertainment form to create cultural relevance. Forner Agency helps companies understand their own DNA and bring ideas and content that align with the brand values and mission.


Success Metrics + Lasting Power

Although generating near-term sales is a goal, a Brand Strategy is not confined to the short-term. When done properly, it can increase company value and serve for years, or even generations. Building your brand is about connecting your company’s values, purpose, and personality with customers’ needs and desires, and generating lasting relationships that will inspire customers to buy from you again and again and again. We work with you to set measurable objectives and can track real-time returns to provide quantifiable metrics for brand awareness and health.

Assessment  + Analysis

Brands that have consistent messaging, powerful visuals, and a distinct personality are proven to have better market recall and are ultimately more successful. To determine best practices, a historical brand and creative review can be essential in outlining the path forward. Additionally, assessing both the competition and discovering untapped market opportunities is critical for creating brand differentiation and unique selling points.


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