Public Relations + Communication

Public Relations & Communication

No longer purely about the functional aspects of press releases and media relations, modern Public Relations creates and manages co-meaning for your brand across an ever-increasing number of mediums.  We’re storytellers who craft compelling content across traditional mass media and digital platforms, including social media to extend your reach and communicate with stakeholders on multiple fronts.  Tapping into third-party endorsement opportunities and through earned exposure is the cornerstone of any good marketing plan. Thankfully, we’re experts at engaging publics in a personal way to foster more meaningful relationships that both earn trust and build reputation.

PR Strategy

The difference between a powerful PR program and incremental ink for your business is our approach. We provide assessment, outline goals and objectives, identify target audiences, develop key messages, and organize tactics to determine the best and most effective way to communicate.

Media Relations

The key word here is relations. Achieving effective results requires strong, positive, and trusted relationships with the media and those responsible for creating news or writing content. Through press releases, outreach, and research, we develop solutions to help you maximize positive coverage and build credibility that allows your company to share its messages through strong, healthy media relations and new channels.

Media Strategy

What to say is an important first step in communication, but where to say it is crucial to bringing the message to life. Developing the most effective media strategy involves a complex knowledge of available tactics, recognizing new possibilities, and perfectly matching them with your company’s objectives.

SWOT Analysis + PESO Study

Two essential models to look at before any work begins are SWOT and PESO. An in-depth SWOT analysis looks at an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. PESO evaluates past and presently used media channels including Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned. Conducting, interpreting, and then assessing the combined results allow for a holistic approach to the overall integrated marketing plan.

Radio + Audio

Radio advertising combines great reach, frequency, and affordability. Nielsen Audio (formerly Arbitron) research shows that 93% of U.S. adults 18 and older listen to radio every week; more than those watching television or using a smartphone, tablet, or computer! Radio also offers a vast variety of format options available and pinpointed targeting that match your customer’s interests. In emerging audio, Spotify and Pandora offer a new way to reach younger users on the go. Through theatre of the mind and parasocial relationships, traditional radio and emerging audio help create very strong consumer connections by effectively stimulating emotions with stories and sound.

Podcasts + Streaming

From podcasts to streaming, new media is all around us. These mediums offer expanded opportunities to engage with customers, capture their attention at times when they are most aware, and keep your brand top-of-mind. Hulu or YouTube great examples of how we can help your brand communicate effectively to an engaged audience.

Nonprofit Communication

Nonprofits offer unique perspectives and allow for the utilization of unconventional tactics – in other words, they’re fun! We help nonprofits differentiate themselves by sharpy defining their audience and then crafting a compelling, message-driven story that engages and inspires followers. A strategic communication campaign that deploys a range of vehicles should be at the cornerstone of generating awareness and successful fundraising.

Research + Planning

Two of the most essential parts of all PR programs, research and planning, help us identify strengths, evaluate opportunities, analyze potential threats, determine goals, and then create a roadmap for success.


Art Direction + Design

Art for marketing is much more than pretty pictures and illustrations. Great creative design including encapsulating visuals, eye-catching images, and the right colors are a necessity for grabbing the attention of the consumer. This attention gets them interested in the information which directs them to a call to action. In other words, your product in their pocket. Leaving a lasting impression is the goal and our designers and artists craft logos, symbols, and taglines that will catch more than eyeballs.



Conveying details is only the beginning of how Forner Agency approaches writing. Technical skills are combined with imagination, content, promotion, and, most importantly, persuasion to ensure the reader is both informed and engaged by your copy and your message.


Print is an often overlooked, yet evolving medium that still offers compelling opportunities. Mobile viewership of e-books, magazines, and newspapers through digital mediums have only made print media more distinctive, unique, and sought after. No other medium offers the same “moment in time” feel than print. Cue the nostalgic mood associated with curling up and reading by a roaring fire.

Influencer Sponsorship

Influencer sponsorship is all the rage. We help you secure and manage those special relationships while also helping you decide who, when, and where it’s best and not best to use this form of promotion. We help you leverage these assets in the right moments so you avoid the risks and reap the rewards.


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